The Franklin Thesis

Written by Bradley Bazzle
Directed and Choreographed by Alex Timbers
Produced by Aaron Lemon-Strauss

Scenic Design: David Evans Morris
Lighting Design: Juliet Chia
Costume Design: Jennifer Rogien
Sound and Video Design: Joe McGuire
Casting Director: Paul Davis
Graphic Design: Stephen Aleman
Stage Manager: Jenny Lynch
Original Design by Caroline Duncan, Tony Smolenski, Sasie Sealy, and Matthew O’Neill
Press Representation: Publicity Outfitter/ Tim Haskell
Cast: Boomie Aglietti, Gideon Banner, Jacob Grigolia-Rosenbaum, Scott Hoffer, Ryan Karels, Jesse Perez, Drew Seltzer

The Franklin Thesis embraces the bold argument that Benjamin Franklin was the Anti-Christ, created by a vengeful Satan-Alien being. With the help of modern dance, multimedia projections, and a giant mound of cocaine, the Founding Fathers recount the heretofore-untold horrors of the creation of our Union.

July 2004: SoHo Think Tank's Ice Factory Festival at the Ohio Theater
July and September 2002: An earlier version of the show was originally performed at HERE Arts Center as part of the American Living Room Festival and later remounted for “Best of Festival.” That production was produced by Amy Herzog and featured Boomie Aglietti, Tom Evans, Jacob Grigolia-Rosenbaum, Scott Hoffer, Steve Holt, and Ryan Karels.