Hell House

Updated by Alexis Soloski and Alex Timbers
Directed by Alex Timbers
Produced by Aaron Lemon-Strauss

Scenic Design by Garin Marschall
Lighting Design by Tyler Micoleau
Costume Design by Sidney Shannon
Sound Design by Bart Fasbender
Properties Design by Stephanie Wiesner
Production Stage Manager Alaina Buckland
Press Representation by Richard Kornberg and Associates
Every year, around Halloween, hundreds of evangelical churches stage Hell Houses in communities across America. First staged by Jerry Falwell in the 1970’s, these Fundamentalist fright nights are designed to scare unbelievers straight to Jesus with real and graphic depictions of gay men dying of AIDS, cheerleaders getting abortions, teen suicide, and other “evil” acts that Evangelicals believe will earn you a spot in hell.
This October, Les Freres Corbusier aim their provocative spotlight at the Christian Right by recreating an authentic Hell House in New York City, using an actual script from the Official Hell House Outreach Kit. Each night, after journeying through hell, the show culminates in a celebratory hoedown featuring bands playing Christian rock, bowls of punch, and a giant game of “Pin the Sin on Jesus.”
Part installation art, part play, and part haunted house— St. Ann’s Warehouse will become a multi-chambered house of horrors you won’t soon forget. Come celebrate like the true believers…
September-October 2006: St. Ann’s Warehouse

Photography by Joan Marcus