Here’s Hoover!

Written by Sean Cunningham
Music and Lyrics by Michael Friedman
Conceived by Sean Cunningham and Alex Timbers
Produced by SallyCade Holmes

Directed by Alex Timbers
Choreography by Danny Mefford
Set Design by Amanda Stephens
Light Design by Jake DeGroot
Costume Design by Asta Hostetter and Paloma Young
Sound Design by Cody Spencer
Video Design by Daniel Brodie and Jake Pinholster

Most Americans think two things about Herbert Hoover:

1. He was one of our worst Presidents.

2. He's dead.

This December, Hoover takes the stage to prove you wrong on both counts. Elvis' iconic 1968 “Comeback Special” serves as direct inspiration for Herbert's own interactive, badass concert resurrection. Our nation's 31st Commander-in-Chief is tanned, rested, and ready to rock your balls off... and just maybe save America in the process.

Award-winning downtown theater company Les Freres Corbusier wages an argument for one of our most incorrectly maligned leaders in this uproarious new concert performance piece declaring the road to economic recovery is paved with rockabilly.

December 2014 - Abrons Arts Center

Photography by Joan Marcus