Love's Labour's Lost

"FOUR STARS! A rocking new take on the classic!"
- Joe Dziemianowicz, New York Daily News

“FOUR STARS! Freely but fondly adapted by Alex Timbers, and scored with more than a dozen superb tunes by Michael Friedman, this gleeful riff on Shakespeare is a tall, fruity drink of intoxicating delight. Friedman finds the sweet spot between giddy pop grooves and bruised, ruminating lyrics, creating a dual sensation of silliness and heartache.”
- David Cote, Time Out New York

"A wacky good time that fires on all cylinders!”
- Elisabeth Vincentelli, New York Post

“Sheer giddy energy propelled by a winning young cast!”
- Elysa Gardner, USA Today

“Literate and loony - there's a generous expansiveness to this Love's Labour's Lost. A summertime confection as tasty and ephemeral as cotton candy!”
- Thom Geier, Entertainment Weekly

“Exhilarating – a delightful night of theater. The creative team behind the critically acclaimed Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson has managed to turn the spirit of the original into something completely contemporary. At a fast-paced hour and a half without intermission, it’s like the best Saturday Night Live you ever saw. I was exhilarated!”
- John Platt, WFUV

Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson

“The most entertaining and most perceptive political theater of the season. Bloody Bloody manages to be a goofy delight and a perversely affecting comment on the American temperament at the same time.”
- Ben Brantley, The New York Times

“Five Stars! A new breed of rock musical!”
-David Cote, Time Out New York
“An intriguing, often outrageous look at American history, filtered through the satiric eye of Alex Timbers and Michael Friedman’s pulsating rock score.”
-Michael Kuchwara, Associated Press


“Triumphantly goofy… Hilarious coup-de-theatre!”
-Time Out

"Packed with intelligence and wit... Take a friend, have some drinks beforehand and enjoy."

"Strangely moving... The wild side of theater where audiences' hearts are mended by the ritualistic breaking of them on stage… Achieves true, and truly original, theatrical transcendence... Magical… Brings to mind the heady fall down the rabbit hole that begins Alice's adventures in Wonderland… What could have been merely a novelty stunt, or a facile comment on sensitive souls in a dehumanized world, becomes an exultant celebration of the cathartic powers of theater.”
- New York Times

"Zany... Inspired... Five of the cutest robots that ever rolled off an engineering ramp interact smartly with human actors in this cheeky sendup of Ibsen and the precepts of the well-made play." [New York Sun logo] "Go-for-broke energy and intellectual gluttony… The latest genre-defying head-trip by the dependably bratty Les Freres Corbusier" [USA Today logo] "An Irreverant Romp"
- Variety


"Clever, slickly produced and consistently entertaining... An all-out attack on the senses... A delightfully good time."
- New York Times

"A madcap, absurdist romp that makes Richard Foreman's productions look stodgy!"

- New York Post

"Overflows with inventiveness, sly humor and a rollicking spirit"
- New York Daily News

 Brecht by way of Monty Python... A whacked-out, punked up look at the history of urban planning in New York... Boozy has a grinning, absurdist bravura... Thought-provoking... A silly-smart kick..."
- Time Out

"Fearless... Hilarious... Equal parts rigor and ridiculousness..."
- New York Newsday

"Les Freres' improbable cocktail of history, ideas, and erudite jokes goes down fast and easy... Driven by director Alex Timbers' inventive whimsy, the group offers a tour de force of ironic pageantry, fueled by pox-on-your-houses political indignation and plenty of smartass humor..."
- Village Voice

"Hilarious... A crazy quilt blend of fact and fiction..."
- Associated Press

Scientology Pageant, Los Angeles

"An instant cult classic… Threatens the kidneys… Clear-minded subversive purpose with lethally gleeful results… The mix of pastorale, "Dianetics" demo, and Bill Melendez "Peanuts" special leaves irony to its audience, ending on a coup de théâtre that is thrilling and chilling."
- LA Times

"A beguiling blend of amateurism and blind innocence, here expertly assembled by Timbers…. Genius… Charming and kooky… The evening plays out like a comedy about mind control as written by Nathaniel West."

- LA Weekly

"The artless innocence of a children's holiday pageant provides the deceptively benign backdrop for this deeply probing and ultimately disturbing query into the history of guru L. Ron Hubbard... Provocatively juxtaposes innocent revelry and weighty content... You will laugh till it hurts!"
- Variety


"Jaw-dropping… Hilarious… A provocative mix of Christmas-pageant sincerity, Christopher Durang-like irony, and unexpected rage."
- Backstage West

Scientology Pageant, New York

"The gutsiest gimmick in New York theater for 2003... A spooky, sharp-toothed smile of a show... Pageant has already acquired a halo of hipness and daring... A cult-hit blueprint for a young generation that prefers its irony delivered with not a wink but a blank stare."
- New York Times

"Wonderfully weird... Refreshing... Subversive... The show artfully succeeds at both telling and mocking the tale of Scientology."
- Time Out

"A holiday classic-to-be!"
- New York Magazine

"Brave and lunatic... Hilarious and disturbing at once... No one has an excuse to miss the show's run at the Houseman."
- New York Sun

President Harding is a Rock Star

"Inspired!... In the manic imagination of this show's creator, Kyle Jarrow, President Warren G. Harding wore black leather pants and a shirt ripped open to the navel, snorted coke in the Oval Office with Napoleon and Alexander Hamilton, and belted his stump speech and tariff laws as Tommy-esque rock ballads. With an energetic young cast, well directed by Alex Timbers, who has a sketch comic's instinct for physical comedy."
- New Yorker

"President Harding Is a Rock Star is like a surreal lesson in American history, well laced with speed... a smartly produced, tantalizingly fresh, high-energy rock musical!"
- Backstage

"No political rally gone bad or front-page scandal could prepare America's 29th president for the avant-garde chaos that abounds in this theatrical spectacle... Suspend your conviction in historical doctrine to delight in this titillating, punk-postmodern corruption of political lore. Harding's tenure as president may not shine like a beacon in American history, but with a mic in his hand and a flask in his pocket this bad ass politician sure can rock!"
- Flavorpill