The Shaker Sisters

Direction:  Alex Timbers
Costume Design:  Caroline Duncan
Sound Design:  Ryan Karels
Cast:  Bradley Bazzle, David Blasher, Corey Gosselin, Scott Hoffer, Ryan Karels

Straight from Mount Lebanon, the remaining Shaker followers violently dance and convulse for your enjoyment, as they reject the carnal gratifications of the flesh and celebrate Mother Ann Lee as the true God Head.

Choreography for this piece, entitled “I Often Expect to Be Remembered as a Chair," consists of authentic ritual Shaker dance or “ecstatic” movement from their multiple Revival periods, as reconstructed from numerous lithographs, written accounts, and first-hand recorded interviews. Accompanying music excerpts traditional Shaker spirituals, the Shaggs, Kraftwerk, and Kool Keith.

November 2003: Movement Research at Judson Church
July 2003: The Tank
May 2003: An earlier version was performed at Performance Space 122 and at University Settlement as part of the American Dance Guild Festival
November 2002: Yet an earlier version was performed at The Flamboyan Theater and at Collective: Unconscious

Photography by Alex Timbers