Un Piece de Mouvement de Mouvement Historique Avec Le Mathematique

Cast: David Anjelly, Bradley Bazzle, Alex Timbers, David Valdez
Stage Management: Jen Arthur

The grandchildren of French architect and urban planner Le Corbusier provide a highly-controversial (and extremely franco-sensible) version of the Story of Man by examining Man’s gradual understanding of mathematics, his perfect embrace of it embodied by the life of Thomas Jefferson, and his eventual rejection of mathematics—which of course leads to the destruction of Mankind. This bold thesis, which in part suggests Jesus’ betrayal by a vengeful Corbusier, is argued through aggressive gestural dance and is periodically interrupted by the screams and laser beams of a vengeful robotic Corbu.

Click below for the accompanying narrative outline, distributed to audience members during a pre-performance reading period.

January and April 2001: Yale University